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there's a method to his madness

there's a method to his madness
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This community is dedicated to the NBC show Raines.
Raines airs on Fridays at 9/8c.
You can visit the Official Site for more information.

Community Rules
Allowed topics:
-News (show or cast)
-Images (show or cast)
-Music Videos

Not Allowed:
-Anything not related to the show or cast.
-Absolutely NO BASHING characters or actors. It's fine to say you don't like a character or point out their flaws, but don't go overboard and start name calling. However, bashing of actors won't be tolerated AT ALL.
-Episode downloads.

+All spoilers go behind cuts.
+When posting graphics:
-Any more than 3 icons and a cut is required.
-Large graphics need to be posted as thumbnails.
-Anything rated R belongs under a cut & needs a warning.
+When posting fanfics:
-Any fanfic with over 200 words belongs under a cut.
-Please clearly post the subject/title, pairing (if any), & the rating.

If you have any questions just ask them here.

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